Expert property valuation is the cornerstone of effective decision-making

Retta’s expertise and extensive experience will support you in all valuations. Our reliable valuations are based on decades of experience in a wide range of properties and markets throughout the country.

The client’s needs, questions, and situation are the starting point for our tailored valuation and consultation services. Our broad experience and local insight enable us to maximise your benefit. 

We appraise all types of property and land, including individual homes, shopping centre portfolios, care homes, and prestigious manors. As Retta’s client, you will be supported by a nationwide network of experts, extensive experience, and data-driven understanding of valuation.

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When you need a quick valuation and advice, our experts are ready to help you in our many offices around Finland. As a nationwide operator, it will not take us long to get to your property anywhere in Finland
Henri Timperi, Chief Valuer

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