High-quality and proactive property management services for commercial properties

Planned and visionary property management of the premises is a prerequisite for successful real estate investment activities. With Retta´s support, you will ensure the predictable return and value of your real estate investments for years to come.

When different areas of property management are managed with professionalism, the attraction of the site increases, existing tenants are more satisfied and it is also easy to market attractive premises to new tenants.

We care for your properties like our own. We act as a lobbyist at the site on a daily basis and coordinate the maintenance package from a technical, administrative, financial and commercial point of view.

Thanks to active communication and clear reporting, you are always up to date in all areas. Planned real estate management strongly supports the development of the value of your real estate investment and the predictability of returns.

Towards a high utilisation rate and optimal cost/income ratio

We maintain maintenance costs at an optimal level. Our rental services and extensive networks ensure a high utilisation rate and maximum rental income.

A nationwide presence in the local market and an expertise in property management based on extensive experience ensure that you will be supported by expert and personal service throughout Finland.

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Real estate management services

Managing services

We manage the operations of the service providers as a whole and are responsible for the functionality of the end result and the satisfaction of the property's users with the services.

We procure, measure, monitor and direct all services required by the Premises Real Estate, from maintenance, cleaning and security to commercial operations.

Technical property management

We manage the technical functionality of the property, the maintenance and development of safety and life cycle measures.

Technical real estate management services include the management of conditions and energy efficiency, as well as long-term repair operations and space modification construction tasks. 

Administrative Real Estate Management

We take care of the smooth administration of the premises and the implementation of the authorities' requirements and good governance. 

Administrative services comprise all tasks related to corporate governance, such as authority notifications and the maintenance of registers, the managing directorship of real estate companies and meeting activities.

Financial real estate management

We are responsible for the financial management of premises and investment portfolios, as well as clear and transparent reporting.

Among other things financial services consist of accounting, payment management, checking and approval of purchase invoices, definition of charges, budgeting and financial reporting, and lease management at the shareholder, company and portfolio levels.

Commercial real estate management

We help promote the overall sales and visitor numbers of the commercial site by developing the customer experience.

The customer experience of shopping centres and business park properties is based on the functionality and comfort of the site. These can be addressed by identifying the specific characteristics of the operating environment and the competitive landscape, taking care of the order and security of the site, enhancing marketing, and actively and proactively leading the development of the commercial site in cooperation with the owner and tenants.

At Retta, we plan and scale our service production so that our property managers have the time to devote to genuinely managing your property investments.
Markku Niemi, Regional Director, Facility Management



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