Facilities rental takes care of the attractiveness and high occupancy rate of the premises

Retta Management´s productive facility lease helps achieve the goals set for the facility. We ensure that the value of the real estate portfolio develops favourably with a high utilisation rate and unparalleled tenant satisfaction.

Active and knowledgeable rental of premises enhances the attractiveness of the property and ensures a long-term return on investment in real estate. Retta´s experienced and professional rental managers know not only the properties, but also the local real estate market. Active marketing, a value development perspective and strong communication skills are the starting point for all rental activities in Finland.

We manage more than a thousand real estate properties around Finland. Our management includes all kinds of office premises, from office buildings to shopping and shopping centres, and from logistics to extensive business park complexes. Explore available premises >

Facilities rentals tailored to your wishes and goals

Active marketing brings premises to the attention of those looking for them

With active and proactive marketing, we make the premises attractive to potential tenants and reduce idle time in the property.

We analyse the local market situation and make a site-specific rental plan. We will provide you with a rental brochure, visibility on applicable portals and reports on the results of advertising.

Designated Rental Manager to hold the pieces together

The Rental Manager will design efficient rental processes around your wishes and goals. We can serve you from your own perspective when the entire rental process, from mapping potential tenants to evidence, contract negotiations and cost estimates for modifications, is the responsibility of the designated person. We actively report on the progress of the rental operations.

Excellent tenant satisfaction is a fundamental pillar of a well-functioning rental. The rental manager is also a professional contact person for the tenant. They hand over the premises, manage the tenant changes and leases, and cooperate closely with property management experts if necessary.

All property management experts behind one door

Our help in renting out your premises includes Retta's own financial management professionals. We handle rent receivables and lease reporting on your behalf. We also administer security deposits. Comprehensive reporting and an up-to-date view of the administrative and financial situation of the property ensure smooth rental and optimal net income.

Retta Management's extensive expertise is at your disposal when you want to combine all property management services under one roof. 

Cooperation and synergies between tenants improve the attractiveness of the premises and increase the value of the property. We therefore also take care of the quality of the property's tenants at Retta.
Taija Lumme, Team Leader, Business Park Management and Facility Lease

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