Energy and environmental services for property owners and users

Retta is your expert partner in real estate accountability – reliably and effortlessly. We focus on reducing the energy and water costs of your properties, and reducing your carbon footprint.

If you want to implement ambitious carbon neutrality targets in your building strategy, we are an experienced partner in finding the right and effective measures. We help you meet the requirements of legislation, stakeholders and property users in terms of environmental responsibility and energy efficiency. 

The right steps towards carbon neutrality and environmentally responsible properties

Energy and water costs account for up to 40% of property maintenance costs – so they have a lot of potential to save! 

Retta´s professional energy manager makes your everyday life easier and makes responsible work easier. By combining energy services and environmental services with Retta´s total property management service, you can easily manage all the details related to your properties. You will also receive various energy audits and energy certificates through us. We offer energy and environmental services comprehensively to the owners and users of the property.

Step by step towards carbon neutrality

With the help of its own designated energy manager, the journey to a carbon-neutral property is clearly defined and the needs of each property are identified.
1. What does the baseline look like?

Everything starts with monitoring and measuring consumption, so that we know what is happening in the property. With consumption monitoring and remote control, we can expose the deviations and get the technical adjustments right so that unnecessary consumption can be eliminated immediately.

2. What is worth investing in?

For example, through energy audits, we can identify which measures are best for each property to operate sustainably, obtaining savings and increasing the value of the property. We are looking for solutions that work best for the whole, so that energy and water can be used more efficiently.

3. Can energy be produced locally?

For example we can identify if geothermal or solar energy would be a viable option in your property.

4. What kind of renewable energy could be procured?

The carbon footprint can be significantly reduced by acquiring green electricity or renewable district heat.

5. How can the rest of the emissions be offset?

Once energy efficiency has been improved, carbon neutrality can be achieved by compensating for the remaining emissions.

Environmental and energy services

Retta is promoting the ecological sustainability of the building and real estate sector as aGreen Building Council Finland  partner in 2021.

Retta Management is a member of Green Building Council Finland.  


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