Construction contracting and project management services

Saves you time and effort by letting Retta handle your construction. Our construction services provide you with solid experience and extensive expertise in different areas of construction. It's always up to you. We listen, guide and implement responsibly according to your wishes.

Ease and effortlessness with Retta Management's total construction service

From the outset we will take the project forward towards the goals in close cooperation with you. Our experts will discuss possible options with you and provide you with a comprehensive vision and foresight from our long experience at all stages of the project.

We will ensure that your construction project is successful and progresses smoothly, from the needs assessment to the implementation of the project and the warranty period tasks. You will save time and effort, because we take care of the different aspects of construction on time and on budget for you.

If you wish, you can also choose Retta´s construction services or parts of them separately and combine them according to your needs. In this case, we will jointly tailor the most suitable package for your construction project.

Construction and services

Consultancy service

We help find the right solution, as well as in the planning and tendering of the construction project.

For example we provide you with the needs reports, project planning, a rough schedule and cost estimate, the preparation of site planning and competitive tendering of designers, the preparation of the project, the organisation of the contract competition and competitive tendering.

Project management service

We monitor the interests of the client of the construction project and ensure the project proceeds as planned.

Project management includes, but is not limited to, the construction feasibility study, administration, project preparation and organisation, a specified budget and schedule, construction guidance, monitoring and reporting, meeting responsibilities, additional and change work, and communication with stakeholders.

Surveillance service

We ensure construction is carried out in accordance with contracts, laws, regulations and government guidelines, as well as in accordance with good construction practice.

The supervision covers the areas of building and technical building services (HVAC), including the review of plans, inspections of work stages and participation in official inspections, inspections of building services installation methods, operational tests and acceptance procedures, inspections of contractor invoices and protocols.

Expert services

We offer specialist services according to your needs.

For example we give you access to the competence of HVAC specialists, a humidity management coordinator and a safety coordinator, condition assessments and surveys, a PTS plan, a comparison of alternative solutions for building services and planning control.

Change Work Service

We will carry out the modifications to a separately agreed extent.

The change work service includes the application for a change permit, competitive tendering by the designer and contractor, supervision and final documentation.

Comprehensive service

We will ensure that your construction project is successful and progresses smoothly, from needs assessment to project implementation and warranty period tasks, on time and on budget.

The overall service covers the project survey, planning, tendering, construction and reception in all its stages.

When one experienced operator is responsible for completing the entire project, the project remains unbroken and smooth from start to finish, the information travels quickly and decisions can be made agilely, always listening to the customer.
Anna Lehtonen, Director, Value Added Services

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