Experienced residential leasing professionals optimise your property yield

The housing market is in a situation where the tenant has choices. An active approach to promoting housing rentals and bringing housing to the attention of applicants is needed now. Retta's extensive market knowledge, proactive measures and the professionalism of rent brokers guarantee high occupancy rates, high-quality tenants and the desired return for your residential properties.

Anticipation is the key to preventing your homes from running idle or facing long-term demand challenges. As a national real estate operator, we have a view of both the rental and owner-occupied housing market throughout Finland. Your apartments can handle the competition for residents when we react to changes in the market in advance.

Our experienced, trained and professional rental agents know the submarket and its movements in their area. We can thus help you determine a competitive rent level that keeps your apartment desirable and your earnings high. The local expertise of our rental professionals also helps you make the right decisions promoting rentals.

Retta Asuntovuokraus is a well-known and trusted brand among renters, whose website attracts 70,000 visitors each month.

Rental of rental dwellings in competent hands from marketing to maintenance

A satisfied tenant is a permanent tenant

We are investing special care in serving the residents of your properties. We constantly monitor the resident experience to respond to grievances, improve comfort, and develop our own operations.

A good resident experience starts with the rental process. Our agents are personally present. You know their names and they are easily accessible. We actively organise general and private presentations, and invest in virtual and video presentations to ensure the applicant can get to know the apartment in a way that suits them.

To further improve the resident experience, we have developed the OmaRetta digital service, which is an easy channel for managing housing and making notifications. On the other hand the My Home benefit programme is worth a lot of money for those changing their home through Retta.

Predictive marketing keeps utilization high

 A deep market knowledge and proactive attitude will help you market your apartments so that they are not left empty. We monitor new construction and other market changes that may challenge housing rentals. We can thus increase our input in marketing when it is needed.

Would an effective Facebook campaign or two weeks of free housing attract tenants? We suggest creative and effective ways to highlight apartments that are more often missed by applicants. 

With the help of professional partners, we create clean, high-quality listings with photos and floor plans; aerial photos, video presentations and virtual subscriptions are also available if required. Your apartments will be visible on Retta Housing Rental´s own website and in the best-known housing portals. Marketing campaigns can be used to increase visibility on social media, in portals or for example, as display advertising on various websites. We will actively report to you on the results of the campaigns and the status of the rental.

A whole property management service chain at your fingertips

The easiest way to take care of your residential properties is with Retta's property management service package. In addition to the rental process, you can leave the customer service, hosting and maintenance of the residents to us. 

By measuring the resident experience, we can propose measures in your properties and develop our own operations. For example, you will receive valuable information about the reasons for the move and the critical points that affect the comfort of the residents.

Retta´s property management service is transparent to keep you informed about what is happening in your properties. This also applies to housing rentals: we are open about measures to improve rentals, housing satisfaction and occupancy rates.

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