We are renewing our brand – we will be Retta!

Retta Group, the largest expert service group specializing in the brokerage and management of apartments, properties and commercial facilities in the Nordic countries, is renewing its brand and with it, changing its name. Retta is now Retta. Brand renewal is part of the Group-wide change and growth strategy. Starting from 31.5.2022, Retta will be Retta! 

The brand renewal covers Retta's business in Finland and Sweden. In the future, Retta Group, Retta Isännöinti, property management-focused Retta Management, Retta Vakuutuspalvelut and Hestia in Sweden will operate under the Retta brand. Huoneistokeskus, which is part of the Group, will continue to operate under its own brand.   

“In recent years, we have changed drastically and expanded our service offering with, for example, purchasing and housing company-provided insurance services. I dare say that we are a different company today than what we were two years ago. The new brand will highlight these changes while accelerating the development of the organization,” says Retta CEO, Kari Virta

Retta's brand renewal already shows a journey of change and is crystallized under a new name. In many northern languages, the word Retta resembles the right, the good, or the right kind, and on the other hand, re-beginning holds a new name in a familiar industry. 

“We hope that our new name will be associated with an industry pioneer that is easy to approach and talk to, and that makes the right choices. We want to be an even stronger trendsetter for the whole sector. Behind the Retta brand is a large group of committed, competent people who want to think about the entire real estate sector in a new way,” Virta says.   

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