The right financial management partner produces value for real estate investors, starting from the very first report

Retta Management wants to modernise and update financial management practices in the real estate industry. We are looking to make a change while aiming high: we promise to produce benefits, starting from the very first report.

When we start the production of financial management services for a housing company or real estate investor, the customer may not always understand the details of the service they need: for example, what kinds of reports they need and what produces the most benefits. This is why we, as providers of financial management services, are in charge of specifications and define how the process can be pushed in the correct direction, starting from the takeover phase.

We specify the services needed on the basis of our solid expertise accumulated from our broad customer base and our experience in the best practices. We also ensure that everything proceeds smoothly after the start-up at regular meetings. We maintain contact with customers through dedicated contact persons who act as controllers in customer relationships. When you are responsible for a customer’s reporting, you understand their situation and finances.

We have all kinds of customers. Whether we are working with a Finnish housing company or an international real estate investor, our goal, as a provider of financial management services, is always the same: we want our customers to see the benefits of our services starting from the very first report.

As a result, we focus particularly on self-monitoring, supervisory work and good internal teamwork. We collect feedback from our customers and develop our activities accordingly. Our financial management professionals are proud of the quality of their work, and this enables continuous improvement. We are engaged in close cooperation across organisational boundaries, we are able to be flexible if customers have changing needs and we always have our team ready. If the size of a customer account increases or decreases, the quality of our services always remains high.

The best financial management practices come from the daily activities of 200 professionals

Retta is in a good position in that our customers have various needs. When there are many requirements, we can operate as a good consultant. Our goal is to produce benefits from our broad customer base for our individual customers. We consider what can be done a little better or more effectively and what practices are the most ideal for each customer.  

We want to adopt an active and development-driven approach, starting from the first stages of customer relationships. For example, we deliver our material to our customers’ financial management unit so that they can use it to produce reports and calculations. Visuals and dashboards are hot topics, and we want that our customers see what all the figures mean.

We use robotics in the daily accounting of 4,000–5,000 housing companies. As there are no errors, we save time and are able to offer better customer service and to process our customers’ questions more broadly.


I dare promise that you will see the benefits of our financial management services quickly. Are you ready to accept the challenge? Contact us to talk more. Our 200 professional are ready to produce value for your investments.


Tero is in charge of financial management services at Retta Management. Retta provides financial management services with its team of 200 professionals for Finnish and international real estate investors and funds, as well as Finnish housing companies. Our services include general accounting, receivables regarding purchases, rents and maintenance charges, payments and different reports.

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