Retta’s transformation project: Placing customer value and support for the customer’s business front and centre

Retta’s major transformation project breaks down the fences between internal organisations and expands the range of services we offer. We increasingly take the customer’s needs as a starting point and provide service as a whole with Retta Group’s full capability and capacity. The goal is one Retta, where the focus is on supporting the customer’s operations in the best possible way.

Bringing an entire group together is quite a feat, but it all starts with creating a space for people to meet and share ideas. A strategic direction is put into practice as we assemble teams of specialists across organisational boundaries according to what the customer needs and how, as one Retta, we can best support the customer’s business and maximise high-value returns for them.

Change for its own sake never makes sense, which is why we are guided by the idea that changes must always create significant added value to our customers. This includes, for example, increased production and operational efficiency by creating the conditions for success for our employees by providing up-to-date and well-working tools.

Services for the entire ownership lifespan
Our change project also responds to customers’ growing interest in centralising services. At the beginning of 2020, we carried out a complete overhaul of our productisation and made the lifespan of property ownership a starting point. Our services range from evaluation and consulting to rental, maintenance management, financial management and reporting, sustainability services, and ultimately supporting the entire growth and sales process.

We also want to be a strategic partner when a property owner or fund is considering what to acquire or build, what is a smart location, and what kind of properties attract interest and what kind of profit expectations they merit. As we have the most comprehensive coverage on the rental market, we are able to bring our personal experience to the table and easily compare our data to general market data.

Transparency an asset in today’s property management
Centralised digital solutions are an essential part of better service for building management. The entire industry is moving towards greater transparency: customers can see in real time what the provider is doing, and can ensure that the actions genuinely support their business. This applies to everything from financial management to controlling building conditions. We open our processes and ensure up-to-date information for our customers. More together.

There is also a clear trend in how the importance of the resident experience and the user experience grow in the rental business. Property owners and those responsible for maintenance management want to know how an individual or family experiences the amenities and conditions in which they live or work every day. How services work during use or living, and how readily available they are. This requires industry actors to work hard to ensure that they have a direct view of the conditions and can use processes and experts to manage them.

The control of conditions and energy management are Retta’s greatest strengths, and we will continue to invest in them. In the spring of 2020, with the coronavirus crisis upon us, society began to understand how important it is to monitor and manage conditions in premises, for example. While the focus is on safe conditions and user satisfaction, the positive by-product of systematic work is that energy consumption also often starts to decrease.

Development by working together
Getting customers involved has brought a practical dimension to Retta’s transformation project. Development steps can be tested and delivered directly to customers, so that their effectiveness can quickly be seen. Together we will create new standards for the industry.

We take what we do very seriously, and we are making major investments in development this year and in the coming year. We are transforming not only our operations with our own customer accounts, but also the entire industry. We therefore hope that the spirit of development will catch on and we will get even more customers and other companies and experts who want to join the discussion!

Markku Raatikainen is a customer account manager at Retta Management.