Retta Green Building Council’s partner member for 2020

Retta is a partner member of Green Building Council Finland for 2020. The common goal of partner membership is to promote carbon neutral business operations by aiming to make properties more energy efficient and increasing environmental sustainability throughout the real estate sector.

Retta Group and Green Building Council Finland have begun partner cooperation for 2020. The aim of the cooperation is to reduce emissions by promoting the environmental sustainability of the real estate sector and the energy efficiency of buildings, and the sharing of important expertise.

2020 has been designated as a decisive year for Green Building Council Finland, which is now in the tenth year of its existence, and the ambitious aims of its member network. A range of sustainability-enhancing solutions are being adopted during the year, with partner membership one of the main means of cooperation for developing a sustainable built environment.

Finland’s national goal is to be carbon neutral by 2035. Buildings and construction account for around 40 per cent of global carbon dioxide emissions. Approximately 28 per cent of this comes from the life cycle phase of buildings when they are in use (heating, cooling and energy use). There is great potential to reduce emissions, which further motivates the real estate industry to make changes.

During the partnership year, Retta’s aim is to make sustainable development and environmental responsibility a visible part of its business operations. The partnership between Retta and Green Building Council Finland allows for closer and more visible cooperation.

“We want to advance the energy efficiency of real estate in Finland. We have improved our customers’ energy efficiency in real estate in the past, but through this cooperation, we’ll be contributing to greater energy efficiency and environmental friendliness in the real estate sector. As the largest actor in the industry, we want to act responsibly and lead by example”, says Retta environment and energy services manager Mari Rajaniemi.

The goal of Green Building Council Finland’s partnership cooperation is to provide information about carbon neutrality, the circular economy and environmentally sustainable living through Retta to the real estate sector and the general public.

“Combating climate change requires rapid action, and everyone needs to contribute. Retta is a major player in the real estate sector, with a vast and diverse clientele. I believe that through this partnership cooperation, more and more property owners will become aware of and adopt measures to reduce energy consumption and climate emissions. The cooperation also gives us the opportunity to promote the efforts of the entire real estate industry and GBC members in achieving sustainability”, says Green Building Council Finland CEO Mikko Nousiainen.


Additional information:

Mari Rajaniemi, manager, environment and energy services, Retta, tel. +358 40 637 7326

Mikko Nousiainen, CEO, Green Building Council Finland, tel. +358 40 525 8440

Retta Group is the largest expert service group specialising in the brokerage and management of apartments, properties and commercial facilities in the Nordic countries. The group provides its customers with comprehensive services and solutions in the field of property services for the residential and business sector. The group consists of Retta Isännöinti Oy, Retta Management Oy, Huoneistokeskus Oy, SKV Kiinteistönvälitys Oy, Huom! Huoneistomarkkinointi Oy, A/S Ober-Haus, and Hestia AB.

Green Building Council Finland is a non-profit association with the core tasks of promoting sustainable development practices relating to the built environment and environment-related real estate classifications, in cooperation with its 160 member companies and partners in the real estate and construction sector, as well as promoting the communication of knowledge and dialogue, and linking Finland to the international Green Building Council. Our strategic priorities for the 2018–2020 period are carbon neutrality, the circular economy and more sustainable living.