Monitor, respond and optimise – new service makes it easy to manage indoor air conditions

Retta Management’s “Olosuhteet näkyviksi” service for monitoring conditions on a property makes life easier for property owners, operators and users. Thanks to visualisation and the remote monitoring of indoor air conditions, the temperature of the premises, for example, remains optimal, resulting in clear savings, as well as user satisfaction. There is no interference to the user of the facility, and maintenance time is saved through remote monitoring in real time.

Making conditions visible is particularly useful in real estate where premises can have multiple users and different uses. In the exceptional conditions brought about by the coronavirus crisis, the visualisation and monitoring service helps minimise the number of visits to the premises at the same time as other users. In addition, it is now important to adjust and monitor the conditions of premises according to utilisation rate, since many people are now working from home.

We are responsible for maintaining a valuable property on Esplanadi in central Helsinki. The property consists of a shop and office space, so the condition requirements vary greatly. The service has streamlined maintenance work, as the conditions can be analysed even as closely as a single room at a time.

The analysis is quick and easy, and makes use of 3D modelling of the property, with the temperature in each area of the property being separately visualised. During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, when the occupancy rate in some of the premises is low, we can adjust the conditions to take account of the utilisation rate and monitor each area separately.

“In this exceptional coronavirus situation, to ensure social distancing, it is especially good that the use of a premises can be minimised while others are there”.


Optimisation of conditions brings savings
Without real-time monitoring of conditions, it is difficult to monitor and optimise the temperatures on a property. Usually, the entire property is heated to suit the coldest area, and so other parts of the premises become warmer than is necessary.

At the Esplanade property, we reduced the temperature of the warmest spaces last winter. We thus minimised the waste of energy and saved on heating costs. At the same time, user satisfaction improved due to having the optimal temperature in all areas of the premises.


Fast responses without inconveniencing users
The service allows certain limit values for indoor air conditions to be set and provides notification of unwanted changes. This makes it possible to react to deviations even before the user can detect them.

And because the premises are monitored remotely, no separate measurement visits are required after the corrective measures are taken. This saves time for both the maintenance personnel and the users of the facilities, who don’t need to be disturbed by follow-up checks.

The cloud-based and browser-based software works on computers and smartphones. In addition to analysing and displaying current moment, data is stored for the preceding six months. For example, if the user of a premises requires compensation for the summer due to bad conditions, the conditions can be analysed retrospectively room by room to an accuracy of as little as one minute.


Arto Piispanen is a Retta Management regional director who has been closely involved in the development of the Olosuhteet näkyviksi monitoring service.