Expert financial management partners look beyond numbers and ride the wave of development

The most important task of financial management is to produce the right financial information accurately and on time so that smart business decisions can be made. Useful information is not just numbers, however, the cornerstone of financial management is experts who understand business. 

Retta’s financial services customer base is broad and diverse. We serve thousands of housing companies, property owners, domestic and foreign investors and funds. All of these have their own requirements for financial management services, but there is also a common denominator: we must provide reliable and high-quality financial information in every situation to support our customers’ decision-making.

Our customers have many different ways of outsourcing financial management. Some customers leave a well-defined area or routine procedures to Retta, while others are looking for partnership at a strategic level. At its broadest, we handle the entire financial management from end to end with a clear vision, even taking on the role of advisor. If the customer wishes, they can have access to a designated financial professional who monitors the bigger picture of the company’s finances, analyses the figures and makes proposals for action, as well as addressing any problems on behalf of the customer. The service package is built around the resources and factors that the customer already has at their disposal. In any case, the starting point is the expectations of the property owner and investor and the housing company, and the financial management goals created together.  Together with Retta’s property management and real estate leadership experts, our financial management professionals form an unparalleled service package for the real estate industry.


Digital reporting for more detailed and accurate information

Reporting is the most important end product of financial management and an essential tool for business development. In addition to numerical reports, we are able to offer insights into the true state of a customer’s real estate assets. We are constantly providing real estate investors with real-time digital reporting solutions that effectively describe the occupancy rate and return indicators for longer-term real estate planning. Our OmaRetta service, which facilitates everyday life for tenants and housing companies, also provides up-to-date and visual insight into the housing company’s financial information.


Technology enables human interactions

Digital development and robotics are now highly topical, and there’s no denying that they make things more efficient. The most important thing, however, is that they allow our financial management experts to focus on what their particular outlook is needed rather than having to be preoccupied with routine work. A good service experience is created when people can discuss things together. Systems and automation contribute to valuable interaction and create new meaningfulness in work when there is time to attend to the essentials. An excellent example of this service experience is rent control. It is not just about maintaining rent accounts, but above all about providing customer service for tenants. A good and close customer service relationship with tenants and effective monitoring of receivables ensures that lessors and investors gain the full benefit of rental income.

Retta’s 200 financial management experts are specialised in the real estate economy. They see behind the figures and understand the purposes for which you need information. Their core expertise is the maintenance and reporting of real estate finances, rental accounting and charge accounting, as well as portfolio and fund reporting. Specialisation allows our experts to develop a clear view of what you can benefit from as the real estate owner or board member of a housing company.

Mikael Strann is director of financial services at Retta.